Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Avast, Mateys!

Today is September 19th, and you know what that means -- it's the official Talk Like A Pirate Day!


To celebrate, take the "What Kind of Pirate Are You?" quiz and find out your pirate name.

I am:

What Is Your Pirate Name?

Bloody Bess Richards-Ye love to gouge out the eyeballs of yer captives and keep them in a jar by yer bed as midnite snacks.
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You are 59 %Treasurer, have 57% Seafairability, crave 54% Bloodlusting, and lust 36% in Wenchwanting!
Henry Every, or Jonathon Avery, or Captain Bridgman, or Long Ben, you were the most idolized pirate of your time. You were the Micheal Jackson of piracy. In more ways than one. While the plunder you picked up in the Red Sea and the ease with which you sailed off is legendary, so is your 'relationship' with fellow pirate Thomas Tew. I understand: you're on a ship for months at a time with no women in site... it drives some pirates to blood thirsty killing, and some to... boys. There. I said it. You are an amazing pirate, a legend in your own time! It's just your personal life that bothers us other pirates. We're fine with the boys, I mean when you've been on the ocean for a matter of months even the stoutest cabin boy starts to look good... it's just that, do you have to slice open every wench in every port you attack? Some even have all their teeth still in, and a good wench is hard to come by, even in the best of times!

Update: Check out this site that translates anything into pirate speak. (Or, as it were, "Check ou' this site that translates anythin' into sea dog speak. Aargh!")


jason said...

That fucking thing called me a Pirate Nerd. Unebelievable.

Dara said...

After reading your blog today, I'm convinced that you're just having an off week.

Don't take it personally -- it's a friggin' computer quiz.

(Although it was quite right about me being a pirate that liked boys.)

violindan said...

"One-Eyed Davy-Yer the first mate with a penchant for buxom wenches. Just don't let them find your treasure map, or it's curtains for ye!"

Dara said...

Dan, I think this might be the first time you commented on my blog.

Maybe I should celebrate pirates quarterly around here.

mad said...

Avast, landlubber! That be a long quiz to find out me pirate name, which I'm a guessing would contain an obscenity or two.