Monday, September 18, 2006

Ask Dara Anything! Round 2

I'm at a loss for something interesting to blog about. I was actually on the verge of posting the list of songs that made it onto the mix CD that I burned Friday night, but I thought that would (a) bore people and (b) cause me to be made fun of. So, instead, we're going to play another round of "Ask Dara Anything."

Rules are the same as last time.

Go ahead, ask. You know you want to.


Needtsza said...

What is the circumference of your neck?

Why don't I have any direction in my blog and in my life?

Where is the best snowboarding in the area?

Who is the woman behind the blah blah?

How can I ask all 5 'W' questions and none of them be interesting?

Dara said...


1. Women generally don't measure things like that. I don't think my neck is unreasonably large or small.

And, I do know that I wear a size 6 ring and 6.5 shoe -- if anyone wants to buy me something pretty.

2. Why ask why?

Seriousy, who does? I mean, I thought I did once, and look at where it got me.

3. Being from Florida and not being a snowboarder, I have no clue. But the Washington Post's editors' picks are Snowshoe and Wisp.

4. Today, she's just a girl in a black suit who had a nice lunch at Ceiba.

5. It's like magic. Or not.

At least you made a valiant journalistic effort. Well done.

Peter said...

If you had to cut off a finger, which finger would it be?

Dara said...

Left pinky. It's the one that goes numb all the time, so it's not like I need it anyway.

Peter said...

Wow. None of my fingers go numb any more often than any other.

My uncle Dave asked me this question yesterday. I picked the middle finger on my left hand. He said "That's the finger that I would pick too. Do you want to know why?" I asked why, and he said "because its not my finger." He told me that I should have picked one of his fingers.

I feel better knowing that you also picked the wrong finger.