Friday, May 22, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly -- Twitter style

It's been almost a month since my last confession post. I've been neglectful, but mostly, I've been busy. I have, however, been twittering as much or more than usual. I'm not sure whether that's because it's quicker or because most of my thoughts are not more than 140 characters long.

Today, I had a bunch of things happen, but I did not twitter them. Here is what it would have looked like if I had.

The good:
1. thinks that, in her case, casual Fridays are really flip-flop Fridays.
2. just ate a sandwich from Cowgirl Creamery and cupcake (Morning Call) from Red Velvet. Dee-lish.
3. is looking forward to sitting out by the pool. Loves three-day weekends.

The bad:
1. started the day with Metro doors closing on her, causing a painful and unsightly cut on her hand.
2. got a sunburn from being outside for twenty minutes at lunch. Clearly this means that she does not get out enough.
3. has so much work to bring home that it's not even funny.

The ugly:
1. developed a new Tourette's like tic after finding large bug in her hair.
2. can't believe that she may have agreed to drive to the beach this weekend. Ugh, can you say 'traffic nightmare'?
3. while packing up her computer, stumbled across an inventory of her mother's jewelery. What a depressing way to start a weekend.

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honkeie2 said...

I have yet to start twittering....its like my own silent internet protest...I facebook, myspace, blog, spark and even flickr....I am not about to start anything else!