Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I was sitting on the metro, quietly minding my own business, when the girls standing next to me started having a very animated conversation about someone who had, apparently, died very tragically.  They were going into details about what happened, and how it happened, and how it affected all of these other people.  I couldn't believe the events they were discussing, or that they were able to have this discussion without completely bursting into tears.

And then it hit me:  They were talking about the events of a television show. One that I used to watch.

Apparently, I am so wrapped up in work that I have no idea what passes for popular culture these days. And I shouldn't eavesdrop, no matter how salacious the story.


girlvaughn said...

I ALWAYS eavesdrop... I feel like I way missed my calling as a CIA agent. I always know who is in the room and what they're talking about. Except the person I am *with* of course.

ed said...

eavesdropping is an essential part of people-watching. i confess that i love to watch the people watchers.

dara said...

GV; I try really not to eavesdrop because it's yet another reminder of how inane most people are.

ed: That's awfully meta of you. But who watches you watching the watchers?