Sunday, November 07, 2010

My dad vs. the time change

I always think about my dad when it's time to set our clocks forwards or backwards. This is because the man refuses to observe this custom. I don't remember whether it's Daylight Savings Time that he ignores, or whether he ignores the reversion to Standard Time, but either way, he refuses to change his clocks.

I think that he's batshit crazy. Funny, but crazy.

We have the same inevitable conversation every year: I will be in his car and I will look at the clock on the dashboard -- or I'll be in the house and look at the clock in the stove -- and I will note that it is an hour off, and I will offer to fix it. Then he tells me to just leave it alone, and it will be right again when the time changes. And then I tell him that it is annoying and confusing for all of the clocks to be wrong for half of the year. And then he tells me to fuck off and mind my own business.

Here is the funniest part of all: His sister does the same thing. They apparently share this particular insanity.


Annabelle said...

I'm on board with your dad.

I don't know that I am taking as stand so much as I am just lazy and only change the totally necessary clocks.

dara said...

At least you change necessary clocks. He won't change any of them.

Miss Scarlet said...

So he won't change them, but does he just keep subtracting/adding an hour until the next change?

dara said...

Yes, with two very limited exceptions. One is if someone else (generally me) changes them, and the other is if the power goes out. Although sometimes under the second scenario, he just ignores it, and again, I just wait to set it when he's not paying attention.

dara said...

And he does set his watch. And there are some devices in the house that automatically change -- his cell phone and the DVR.