Thursday, April 24, 2008


Last week, I saw a house that I really really liked -- except the closets were too small.

On further thought, though, maybe it's not the closets -- maybe it's me. Maybe I need to unclutter. I mean, how much space do I really need?


I said...

A lot.

DSL said...

Maybe you do need more space, but I think you should try to unclutter a bit. I volunteer my services. ;-)

dara said...

i & dsl: This is certainly an example of the pots calling the kettle black, right?

I don't need a lot of space; I need a big closet. Other than clothing and shoes, I really don't have an unreasonable amount of stuff.

Jason said... many tapes and CDs would you venture to guess you have?

Ryane said...

Don't buy a house w/too small closets!! That will quickly become the biggest pain in the butt you've ever had to me!

dara said...

Jason: I have a lot of CDs - not so many tapes. But I have room for all of them in the bookcases (that you covet) -- which is why I specifically used the term "unreasonable". (I also have them all digitized now, so in a worst-case scenario, I can put them in storage or -- gulp! -- get rid of them.) The problem for me, storage-wise, is clothing. I have a gigantic closet -- way bigger than most -- and it is packed full.

Ryane: I really do know that. Which is why I did not rush to buy the condo. I will find something that is a better fit.

DSL said...

True, but we know how it is. At least we're not enablers. Besides, it's always easier to clean other people's apartments. You're so cynical Dara.