Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lacking motivation

I got back from Chicago last night and pretty much went straight to my softball game. (I scored a run AND had an RBI, thank you very much.) When I got home, instead of working on my mortgage paperwork or unpacking and doing laundry, I goofed around on Facebook.

Today, instead of working on my mortgage paperwork or unpacking and doing laundry, I went to the baseball game with an old friend from law school.

I am feeling exquisitely unmotivated -- and as a result, unproductive. I need someone or something to get me motivated -- to provide that kick in the butt.


restaurantrefugee said...

You're feeling a lack of motivation... I have done almost no work in the past few days while reading several procrastanatives (blogs I dig that help me avoid work) and posting comments at almost 2am.

Good luck on refocusing.

Ryane said...

Damn, I think we are all suffering that malaise this week. I wish I had something original to suggest you do to get motivated. Maybe if you dwell on what will happen to said mortgage if you don't finish the paperwork? Or no, wait. Maybe try watching 47 episodes of something superfluous, like...like The Girls Next Door, one right after the other. You will feel so sick with yourself for having done that, you won't be able to help but be motivated?

dara said...

restaurantrefugee: I can see that you're not going to be leading by example!

Ryane: It's the summer. Something about the heat and the humidity make me want to shirk my responsibilities. And eat ice cream. Neither of which is all that good for me.

mad said...

Hell, I feel like that ALL THE TIME.