Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Screaming people are more annoying than stupid people

Last night, on Metro on the way home from the ballpark, I caught a "special" blue line train to Virginia from L'Enfant Plaza on the upstairs yellow line platform. To me, this seemed perfectly normal.

Other people were confused. They thought the train was going to go all the way around on the normal circuitous blue line route -- clearly not understanding that, from the upstairs platform, the only thing the train could do is cross the bridge straight to the Pentagon. Or they didn't understand that, at least from Pentagon to King Street, the blue line and the yellow line run on the same route.

Of course, I don't really care what other people do. If they're dumb enough or confused enough, it's their problem, and as far as I'm concerned, they can wait to get on the next yellow line train.

I must be in the minority. Some crazy ass lady on the train with me stuck her head out the door of the train and started yelling at people, trying to explain to them how the train was going to work. And while most of the people tried to ignore the crazy screaming, some of the previously confused people actually allowed themselves to be browbeaten into getting onto a train even though they weren't entirely sure where it would wind up.

Of course, the small percentage of train converts was not enough for the crazy lady. She moved on to the next door and started screaming louder and more insistently. And as they held the train for about four minutes, she went back and forth from the one door to the other screaming at people.

I felt embarrassed for the man that was with her. I felt embarrassed for the people that she treated as stupid children. I felt embarrassed for the crazy lady who looked, well, crazy.

But in addition to being embarrassed, I was annoyed. I hate screaming people. But it's more than that: I hate people that don't quietly mind their own business.

But mostly, I didn't see the point -- and I still don't. Why run around like a crazy person, screaming at people who have nothing to do with you? If they're confused, it's their obligation to try to figure it out. And if they're too dumb, well, that can't really be fixed anyway.


Gilahi said...

I dunno about your title line. Screaming people eventually have to stop screaming, even if it's just for a short time. Stupid people, however...

Ryane said...

hahahahahahaha. oh jeez...she's bored for the simples, as my dad would say. what a moron. but you know what, at least it's entertainment for the rest of us.

charlotteharris said...

some people just love to be right, and some people are born to be mother hens, and some people are a little nuts... this lady was all three rolled up into one! whoa! ;-)

dara said...

Gilahi: I get pretty darn annoyed by stupidity -- when it gets in my way -- but in that moment, the stupid people were minding their own stupid business. The yelling was far more invasive.

Ryane: It started out as mildly entertaining, but she kept on doing it. Loudly.

Charlotteharris: Exactly.

Miss Scarlet said...

Does that special train always run after the games? Because, if so, I think my friend and I took it and I remember thinking, "It SEEMS like this is correct, but I just don't know!" We were quiet about it, though, and didn't yell for others to get on, too;) Hahhaha.

mad said...

Pretty simple, really. Crazy people do crazy things becasue, well, they're crazy!

DSL said...

Why can't the DC area just create some decent frickin' signs? You can't get anywhere (especially on the roads) if you haven't already been there. I hate giving directions because I know people are going to get lost anyway.

Just wanted to say that.