Monday, December 03, 2007

Good news, bad news

Today was kind of a good-news/bad-news day. Actually, it was the very definition of a good-news/bad-news day.

Exhibit A: You won your motion! Now you have to go to trial!
Exhibit B: Remember how you asked for a trial date of January 28? Nope, that's doesn't work. How about January 15?
Exhibit C: You get to be out of the office for at least three weeks! Holed up in a hotel in Newark, NJ.

So, that's the sum of it. Three weeks (or more!) in Newark in January. At least it's not somewhere really cold -- to go along with the crappy.

This afternoon, my coworker sent me a lovely e-mail. In sum, he told me that I get to be the quarterback for the trial team. Of course, I took the metaphor too far. "Great," I wrote. "Hope I don't get intercepted too often -- or sacked." Heh, heh.

So, that's the sum of it. It's a good thing I'm Jewish, because otherwise, my Christmas plans would totally be screwed. I've got a ton of work to do between now and mid-January. And, despite leaving early tonight, I brought work home. It's going to be that kind of winter.


tingb said...

That's pretty heavy on the good, though, versus the bad!

As for the bad...I, too, have spent significant trial prep time in Newark, NJ (add that to the list?). I'm not sure how familiar you are, but if you've got time, I don't hate Don Pepe's restaurant.

Justin S. said...

Plus you can go into the city every once in a while. Or Red Bank. Or White Castle.

dara said...

tingb: There's a tapas place in the ironbounds that I've gone to with my grandmother that's pretty good too.

Justin: I'm pretty sure I won't have much free time. Maybe a little bit on the weekends -- but honestly, if I have that much time on the weekends, why would I choose to stay in Newark? Wouldn't I be better off coming home?