Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blog in Action

For the first time, this blog has proved itself useful in a way other than providing me an opportunity to vent or otherwise amuse myself. As you all can read, on Sunday, I blogged about my problem getting cable and internet.

When I called to reschedule my appointment with Comcast, I had asked to have a manager call me back, but none did.

But apparently, there are those within the company who are concerned about their customers. Mark C. from Comcast's headquarters found my posting and left me a comment with a contact email. I emailed him my number, and within hours, a representative called me.

I wound up with an appointment for this morning.

By lunchtime, I had cable and internet. This evening, I set up the wireless router. Right now, I am typing this while watching Project Runway.

So thank you, Comcast -- and especially Mark C. After Saturday's experience, this level of customer service was refreshing.


tingb said...

Well done!! Good for you. And don't feel bad about's not a zero sum game. And I have cable and internet, just not the HD/DVR box.

I will copy your guy on my e-mail to customer service. I'm working on it now.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! If only the dreaded T-Mobile and RCN did the same...

Ryane said...

haha. That's fabulous. I'm sure they don't want any more 'hammer' incidents!

sopheathene said...

This is awesome. I read an article recently about a guy at Comcast (maybe Mark C. himself) who trolls the internet looking for disgruntled customers. I thought it was an awesome idea, and I think it's so cool that you became one of those. I have to hand it to Comcast, that kind of proactive service will go a long way in making people happy.