Sunday, August 24, 2008

Moving stinks

I am so tired and stressed out that I just got in the elevator to go down to the parking garage, forgot to get out, and pressed the button to go back up to the condo. At the time, I was carrying an empty suitcase to take back to the apartment to fill with the last of my clothing -- so when I got back into the condo, I stood around wondering how I wound up with an empty suitcase.

Nothing about moving ever goes as planned. I had written out a schedule for myself, and I am so far off schedule that there is no way that I will ever get back on track. And now, it looks like I'll have company the second week of September -- my Nana wants to come visit. I'm just hoping that there will be a pathway to the guest bedroom by then.

Last night, I rushed around to get back to the new condo in time for the cable guy to meet me to install the cable -- and thus the internet. He called me fifteen minutes before his appointment to let me know he was on his way, and to ask me if I could get "the key" from the management office. I had no idea what he was talking about. He told me that he would need access to a cable closet outside of my apartment, and that the management office had the key.

I went downstairs to ask the concierge, who is there every night until 9pm. Of course, the concierge said that he did not have access to that key, and that it would have to wait for the management office to reopen -- on Monday.

So, who's the asshole? (a) The condo, for not giving access to the key to the concierge? (b) Comcast, who clearly knew that they would need access to the closet, but did not tell me to make arrangements for access until WAY outside of regular business hours? (c) Me, for thinking that anything related to this move could get done without a problem? (d) All of the above?

Of course, I wound up having to call Comcast to reschedule. After explaining to me how "installation" appointments take much longer than regular appointments, they then told me that the first available appointment is on Sept. 3. So now, I will have no cable -- and no internet -- in the new condo until Sept. 3 -- which, coincidentally, is the same day that Macy's will be delivering my new couch.

If there was a way to fire Comcast, I would totally do it. But I can't and ultimately, I am left with nothing but respect for the woman who went into their office and started hitting computers with a hammer.


tingb said...

Oh, we continue to lead semi-parallel lives....

I've been in my new place for 24 days now...24 cable and internet-free days. Comcast is allegedly coming this Wednesday. I'm not holding my breath, considering I already spent two hours waiting in the house for an appointment I (allegedly) did not have. On the day my nephew was born. Gah.

The Comcast Center is only blocks away; periodically I've considered just walking into the building and refusing to leave until someone comes downstairs with a DVR box for me. How long before I get arrested, do you think?

dara said...

tingb: I am, once again, astounded by how the same crappy things happen to the both of us.

ComcastCares1 said...

Send me the phone number on the account and your best contact number. I will reach out to my contacts and see if we can send someone out sooner for installation.

Best Regards,

Mark C.
Comcast Corp.

Justin S. said...

A Comcast guy saw your blog! Wow. Maybe I need to start posting my FIOS woes on my blog to get them to fix things.

I think both Comcast and your condo could have handled things better, but I actually think more fault goes to the condo on this one. Perhaps you should go to one of those exciting condo board meetings I hear such great things about.

DSL said...

Or perhaps you should be on the board. My sister was.

violindan said...

If I were more cynical, I'd ask how and why Comcast stays on top of blog posts but does not stay on top of installation appointments. As for the condo board, wait a good while before you think about joining. Having been at my condo for 10 months, I am now pretty sure that I do not want to spend time serving on its board.

tingb said...

We need to upend things and start having the same *awesome* things happen to us.

PLEASE see if that Comcast comment is legit. I called this morning and confirmed my appointment for Wednesday; I'm too scared to engage with someone -- even to complain -- and potentially upset the delicate ecosystem.

dara said...

comcastcares1: I have sent you an email. But I also asked for a manager to call me back, and that hasn't happened yet, so I'm not holding my breath.

Justin: When I kvetched about Hair Cuttery a couple months ago, they also found it. My guess is that big companies pay people to search the internet for postings that use their names. So maybe you should blog about Fios.

And we have condo meeting on Sept. 11. There are elections, so I guess I'm going to have to go or vote by proxy.

DSL: I need to unpack first. Maybe next year.

Dan: That is exactly the cynical reaction I had. And I'm not rushing to join anything, especially with all of the crap I have to do around the house.

Tingb: I responded to Comcast. Let's see what happens.

And, for the record, I'm still sad that you moved to Philly. I'm totally convinced that you and I need to have drinks sometime to compare life stories.

DSL said...

My sister didn't volunteer herself and certainly didn't have extra time either. I'm not sure that it involves as much time as you guys seem to think. It's hard to complain if you're asking someone else to do it. You certainly don't have to join, but you might go to a meeting if you can and let them know what's bothering you. Sometimes I love having a leasing office. I think we have a good one overall.

mad said...

I don't know if your condo assn. allows it, but if it does go satellite.

tingb said...

All is not lost! I'm in DC all the time.

Actually, I'm going to send you an e-mail, because I thought of you, life-story wise, the other day.

But I'm working on limited internet access right now. Obv.

dara said...

DSL: I moved in like 5 minutes ago. I am not ready for the board yet. But they do pay a manager and a concierge with my condo fees, so I am certainly allowed to vent my frustration when they cause me stress.

Mad: Alas, nowhere to mount a dish, since I opted for a sunroom instead of a balcony.

Tingb: You certainly should email.

All: For the record, Comcast did respond to my email. They are working to get me an appointment on Wednesday. And if it happens, I will certainly blog about how awesome they are.

DSL said...

Love that sunroom. And of course I don't expect you to get on the board right now. I was just throwing that idea out there.

It can definitely pay to give a company feedback. Quite frankly, these companies are all we have to work with.

tingb said...

I realize I'm hijacking the comment thread because my own blog remains on hiatus, but can I just say that Comcast (1) showed up today; (2) well outside the "window" I was waiting for them; and (3) didn't have the right cable box for me...the one I called to confirm I wanted. Twice.

I'm itching to catch up on the internets, but now sending them a scathing letter has jumped to the top of my 9 million item to do list. Gah.

dara said...

Now I feel a little guilty that my complaining got me cable. Maybe you should email that Mark C. guy too.