Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sleeping through it all

My dad came to visit over the weekend. On Monday, he insisted that I drop him off a the airport what I consider to be very early -- 90 minutes before his flight. I then went to go run errands, and late that evening, realized that he hadn't called me to let me know he had made it back home. But it was too late to call, so I waited until yesterday.

As it turns out, he didn't make his flight -- not because he got to the airport too late, but because he got there so early. He fell asleep while waiting for his flight to board, and missed the announcement. Lucky for him, Southwest put him on another flight -- through Tampa -- and he got home really late.

Of course I made fun of him. It's what I do.

Cut to this morning. As usual, I was exhausted and running late. I got on the subway heading to my office and -- you guessed it -- fell asleep. I woke up after having missed my transfer station by several stops, and wound up being about an hour late to work.


LivitLuvit said...

Karma and her boyfriend Irony having some fun on ya... that'll happen!

DSL said...

That's why I don't let myself sleep in the airport or on short flights. I have done that on the metro. Mostly just daydreaming. Once I did that twice in a row. But I finally made it.

Anonymous said...

I once fell asleep on the last train of the night. In my effort to be fiscally responsible and take the subway rather than the $10 cab ride home, I spent $35 on a cab. No, no, no, there was no booze involved in this at all.