Saturday, March 07, 2009

ABC Meme

Age: Old enough to know better than to answer the question.

Believe in Magic: I am sure that there are things in the universe that we cannot explain and that others would consider magic.

Cake or pie: Both. Apple or pumpkin pie or yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

Day or Night: Night.

Eyes: Green/Blue/Gray.

First thoughts waking up: Snooze.

Goals: Being happy in the moment.

Holiday: Halloween.

Instrument: I have a guitar, a casio keyboard, a harmonica, and some maracas. I could totally start a band right now.

Jewelry: Earrings, ring, necklace, watch.

Keep a journal: Always.

Love: Books.

Movies: Gone With The Wind. Before Sunrise. Office Space.

Number: I like numbers that are divisible by 3.

One wish: Love.

Piercing: 5 earrings. One cartilage piercing. Former belly button piercing.

Quail: Once. Meh.

Reality T.V: Project Runway.

Shower: Hot.

Tattoos: Butterfly, right shoulder.

Unpredictable: On occasion. I am unpredictably unpredictable.

Vacation spot(s): Anywhere with good company.

Worst feeling: Intestinal infection. Trust me on this.

X-Rays: Teeth. Arm. Fingers. Foot.

Year it is now: 2009.

Zoo animal: Monkey.

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