Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Nothing is as it seems

I'm bummed today. I just found out that two of my friends -- who who I've known for years and years -- are getting a divorce. From my perspective, they seemed to be the perfect couple. And, until I heard the news, I never would have even thought that they were having any marital problems. But I guess you never really know what's going on from the outside.

It's particularly disheartening to me -- because as cynical as I am, I want to believe that things work out for the best. You know, fairy-tale endings and the like. It gives me something to aspire to.


mad said...

Yeah, it's always a shocker when you find out that couples you thought were the perfect match turn out they weren't. Then there are the couples who seem like a match made in hell who survive.

Beakerz said...

I'm sorry to read this =(

I'm sure it's harder when you know and love both of the people.....but the statistics of divorce these days would state that this was probable. Makes me sick: "I will love you forever"...."or til I'm sick of you"

=( sorry again

Annelisa said...

Maybe those who seem perfect just don't air their grievances so publically, which is why those other couples (as Mad says 'match made in hell') survive...they're not worried that others know their problems.

(btw - I came from Dan's Blah Blah Blah Blog, and was curious if you were related)

dara said...

Mad: Some of it is that, while they were together for around 10 years, they haven't actually been married all that long. So, all of their friends -- who were wondering for all those years why they hadn't gotten married already -- are now stunned.

Beakerz: The wife already told me that she gets custody of me in the divorce because "she knew me longer." I don't know if that's fair. Shouldn't the kid get a vote?

Annelisa: Thanks for stopping by. I am not related to Dan.

Some of my shock wa that these people both have very sunny personalities and are not the type to ever say anything negative publicly. I'm sure it is killing them to have to let everyone know about it, even now that it's pretty much over. But maybe by not airing things to their friends and family, they created extra stress on their relationship.