Monday, October 20, 2008

Dreams and Puppies

My subconscious is messing with my head. I had a dream last night -- technically this morning -- that somehow managed to make my already confusing life seem even more confusing.

And no -- it wasn't a sex dream. Or even the recurring dream that I keep having where I get in an argument with my sister and throw a glass of water at her. The main plot of the dream involved me eating a picnic lunch with several friends, coworkers, and random family members. Seems innocent enough, right? But suffice it to say that this dream has altered my perception.

Anyway, onto bigger -- and hopefully brighter things. I think I'm getting myself a puppy for my birthday. I don't know what kind yet, but here are my biggest considerations:

  • I have allergies. So a dog that does not shed too badly or is considered "hypoallergenic" would be good.
  • I am under 5'2", and the condo is under 1300 square feet. So a small-ish dog would be great. Bonus points for one that will fit into a pet-carrier that I can take onboard an airplane.
  • After having one dog that ate linoleum, crown molding, and a Soul Asylum CD, I would prefer a dog that is not likely to chew too much important stuff. And while we're on the subject of that dog, I would like one that does not have too much separation anxiety.
  • No excessive barking, and no biting. I guess that means friendly.
  • The dog should be relatively smart, or at a minimum, easily trainable.
  • Most important: the dog has to be cute. Supercute.

Some of my favorites are Beagles, Puggles, Malteses, Maltipoos, Cockapoos, and Yorkies. But I'd rather not buy a puppy from a breeder when there are perfectly good puppies in pounds. So, if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.


Justin S. said...

Maybe the dog who ate the Soul Asylum CD was just trying to help...

Sara said...

See, Justin I was thinking that the dog could have done way worse than Soul Asylum (who I will admit to having seen last year when they toured with Counting Crows...they have not improved with age)

talkingbudgie said...

Poodle-crosses are always good because poodle's are hypoallergenic (they don't shed!). And they're smart, but if you get a poodle crossed with something less yappy, you'll have a small-but-less-yappy-hypoallergenic-dog.

Good luck finding The One!

Blakely said...

I think it is great you are thinking of adopting from the shelter. Lots of great animals who need love are out there! I got Madison from the shelter and when I walked in that day he just called out to me. Somehow knowing you I am sure that you will find the perfect dog for you...just please tell me you are not going to dress it up too much!

violindan said...

A beagly mutt from the shelter! And let me know when you need a dogsitter. Also, Lost Dog and Cat Rescue is at the pet store at Seven Corners every Saturday afternoon. Let me know if you want company for a visit there.

DSL said...

I know how cute puppies are, but you might consider a slightly older dog since they won't need as much attention and are less likely to eat your CDs. I'd just go to a shelter and see what hypoallergenic dogs they have. You don't have to take one home. Then again, you might fall in love with one. Oh, you probably already know, but traveling with a dog can cost you $150 each way. I think that's outrageous, even for extra fees.

DSL said...

Oops, I was going to retire from commenting for a while.

I said...

I agree with Blakely and DSL you should get a dog that is at least three or four years old from a shelter or rescue society.

ballerinatoes said...

I have a miniature poodle that is without a doubt the best and smartest dog I have ever had. My sweet man bought her for me for law school graduation and by the time I took the bar, she was potty trained. She doesn't shed, she is big enough to take for walks and plays fetch like a madman, but she is small enough to snuggle with me on the couch and she sleeps right in the middle of the bed with us. She is not yappy either. If you don't adopt from a shelter, look for a reputable breeder. is where my sweet girl came from.

Miss Scarlet said...

The reason I don't have a dog (or one of many) is that I really want a tiny yorktese, but they're expensive and I'd rather get one from the pound. OMG, remember Pound Puppies? SO CUTE!

You better post tons of pics once you get a puppy.

Kimberly said... is a good place to start for rescue pups.

also, most puppies go through a chew phase. our 1 year old cocker-rotty is chewing up her dog beds apparently (says jeromy from texas)

beagles, from what i've heard, have the tendency for anxiety disorders. our friend's beagle/bassett hound (also known as a bagle) has some pretty severe issues, but we think he may have been abused as well.

most rescues will tell you if it's not working out, you can give them back, no questions asked. you may not get your puppy fee back tho', but in comparison to a breeder, it's not bad. Our dogs were about $100 or so, vs. HUNDREDS for a breeder pup.

good luck and you better post pics when you get one!! :o)

dara said...

Justin: I think that if Hailee had been trying to help, she would have attacked some of my roommate's bad country music or some of my boy band CDs!

Sara: The dog could have done worse. (see above.)

Talkingbudgie: Poodles are so silly looking, though. But Maltipoos and yorkipoos and cockapoos are really cute -- even though all of their names end in "poo."

Blakely: I am not a big fan of dogs in outfits -- except the one time my family dressed Remy up as a devil for Halloween. And I've never had a dog that wasn't a rescue/shelter dog. Why start now?

Violindan: I love beagles more than anything, but they are not the best dogs for my allergies. Or for my furniture. And they howl.

DSL: Noted. I like the idea of a puppy, but the training is hard!

i: Rest assured, I won't be buying a puppy.

ballerinatoes: I'm not a big poodle fan, but seems like you lucked out with yours!

miss scarlet: Is a yorktese the same as a morkie? And yeah, I will post tons of pictures.

Kimmie: I have been using petfinder. And there are a couple of dogs that I am seriously considering.

There's the chewing phase, and then there are dogs that don't grow out of it. Better hope that your cutie-pie Daisy grows out of it.