Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Question-and-Answer time

Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for: the answers to the Ask Dara Anything! 2008 Edition Questions.

  1. DSL asked -- well, sort-of asked -- "I would ask if you've ever had jeans hemmed, but you live in VA".

    I fail to see why living in Virginia would make me more or less likely to have had jeans hemmed. But this I do know: When getting jeans hemmed, you should have them take off the cuffs and then reattach them so they look right.

  2. DSL also asked, "Why did you never tell me what you thought of contra dancing?"

    Partly because you posted it as a comment on the other blog, the one I haven't updated in weeks. But mostly because you didn't really ask me. Not in person, anyway.

  3. Violindan asked, "Dara, what do you think DSL's random, forgotten question was?"

    Dan, I think it had something to do with the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow. Or contra dancing.

  4. Miss Scarlet asked three questions: (1) What would be your perfect vacation? (2) Do you like pickles? olives? onions? (3) Do you agree that fall is awesome?

    (1) I thought that driving up the California coast was a pretty amazing vacation, close to perfect. But I love to go to new places. Right now, I think I'd love to take a tour of Italy or Australia or go to Japan, Thailand/Cambodia, or China, or go to Argentina and drink a lot of Malbec.

    (2) I love pickles. Especially half-sours. I like some olives, especially in martinis. As for onions, I generally only like them when they're cooked, but I do love the pearl onions that they put into martinis.

    (3) Fall is awesome: Not only was I born in the fall, but I love fall colors. But, to be honest, I spent way too much of my life living in Florida to be that keenly excited about the colder weather. As long as the daytime temperature stays between 70-80, I'm fine.

  5. Sara asked, "What is you all time favorite comfort food and will you share the recipe?"

    In all honesty, my favorite comfort food is mac and cheese, and when I make it it's out of the blue box. I do love Noodles & Company's take on it, though -- and eat it way too much.

    As for things that I make, the closest thing that I have that is not a cookie is my Nana's recipe for Tuna Noodle Casserole -- and it's the easiest thing in the world. One bag of egg noodles, two cans of tuna in oil, two cans of cream of mushroom soup, one can of peas (drained) and some breadcrumbs and butter. Boil the noodles, and mix everything together in a casserole dish, then sprinkle the breadcrumbs on top and dot with the butter. Bake in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes or so, or until it is browned on top but not too crispy.

  6. TINGB asked "Which is the worst of the "Viva Viagra!" commercials I'm forced to endure during every commercial break of the baseball playoffs?"

    All of them, my dear, all of them. Any time they show any commercial about anything to do with erectile dysfunction, I cringe. For me and for society in general.

  7. Peter wrote to me via Facebook: "Dear Ask Dara: Tonight should I watch the Vice Presidential debate or my Forgetting Sarah Marshall DVD from Netflix? On the one hand, even though I've heard that the movie is hilarious, the debate might be funnier (I enjoy dark comedy). But, if I don't watch my Netflix DVD and return it immediately, I will not be getting the most value for my money out of Netflix."

    Peter, If you are really limited to one or the other, I'd flip a coin -- heads debate, tails movie. The debate is likely to be scary funny, and it is very important, but it lacks plot. The movie is very very funny, but it isn't THAT important to trade in your movies right away (this from someone who has had the same movie since August).

    Of course, the better answer is a compromise: stay up late and watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall after the debate.

    But whatever you do, just make sure the kids are asleep before you start the movie.

  8. Then Anna wrote: "Dear Dara, Should I give in to my husband's demands that I stay up late for the ten cents savings of watching all Netflix DVDs immediately? Besides I hate Sarah Marshall."

    Anna, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a very funny movie. It's worth it. But in general, I'm with you on the Netflix thing. One extra day ain't gonna break the budget.

    (Ed. Note: Then Anna wrote "Um, Actually I just learned Sarah Marshall and Sarah Silverman are different people." So I think it made her decision easier.)


Anonymous said...

D'oh! I can't believe I missed the deadline. Mind you, I'm not sure what I'd ask, but I would have thought of something :)

P.S. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a great movie.

DSL said...

The reason I mentioned that you lived in VA is because I was hoping to get a recommendation of somewhere in MD that hems jeans well.

dara said...

talkingbudgie: It's okay. This was a good number of questions.

DSL: Aren't you supposed to be in synagogue or something? And did you notice that you did not actually ask me what you wanted to ask me in either one of your questions?

I think if you take the jeans to just about any decent tailor/seamstress, they should be able to do what you want. Denim is not the most delicate of fabrics. Just make sure to have them take the cuffs off and reattach them.

tingb said...

That Marshall/Silverman confusion is hilarious. FSM is at the top of my Netflix queue; I'm pleased to see it get some good press here.

dara, can you explain why you're interested in Thailand? (Are follow-up questions allowed? I suppose that should have been my first question.) There's a longer story here, but I'm trying to decide about a trip in December.

DSL said...

1. Miss Jew, I am not at temple all day long, and 2. I will refrain from asking you any questions over the blog, although they seemed to be requested. Happy New Year.

dara said...

TINGB: I thought the confusion was funny once I understood, too. And it is a good movie.

I don't really know why I want to go to the far east, other than to look at Buddhist temples. I'll have to think about it more.

DSL: 1) I was not criticizing your Jewishness. I was not at synagogue at all yesterday. Usually, though, YK is an all-day kind of thing.

2) I have no problem with you asking questions on this blog -- I just don't really check the other one anymore. But I'll answer the questions that you actually ask. So say what you mean.

Justin S. said...

Dear Dara,

Given the current economic crisis, would it be wise to ride the storm out or sell off all investments and invest in a diversified portfolio of gold, Canadian currency, bobblehead dolls and empanadas? Which bobblehead dolls and empanadas will have the greatest increase in value this year?

Justin S. said...

Dear Dara,

I see Guns and Roses is finally releasing the long, long, long awaited Chinese Democracy next month. Will it suck, and if so, how much will it suck?

Tasha said...

Dear Dara,
I missed your deadline, but I have to ask if Dara is short for anything? My daughter's name is Ardara and as a baby, everyone called her Dara. Just curious!

honeykbee said...

What other blog?

dara said...

Justin: The empanada market is too volatile -- stick to the gold, bobbleheads, and Canadian currency.

Cristian Guzman bobbleheads are doing quite well now, but they were way undervalued for the past several years. Perhaps Wily Mo Pena bobblehead dolls will follow a similar trajectory. Remember to buy low and sell high.

And Chinese Democracy is likely to suck so much that it's virtually unquantifiable.

Tasha: It is not a nickname. And I always wanted a name that could be made into a nickname.

honeykbee: Here it is. But it's probably not worth your time -- it's more or less just an exercise journal, and I haven't updated it since early September.