Friday, January 12, 2007

Last Day Of Work!

Yay for me!

Still, I need to learn how to budget my time better. It's not even 1:00 yet, and my office is cleaned out completely and my happy hour e-mail has been sent. In short, I have nothing to do until 4:30, when I have my exit interview -- and turn in my corporate card and BlackBerry. (Double yay!)

I guess I could finially finish Tropic of Cancer -- but it seems so . . . inappropriate for work. I sometimes even get embarrassed when someone might see me reading it on the Metro. (And it was pretty weird when I innocently started reading it at my parents' house, not really knowing what it was about.)


e.b. said...

I am a lurker and occasional commenter. I am supremely impressed by the decision and the boldness (as I sit in my office at generic law firm). Best of luck to you and all the adventures life brings you.

Dara said...

Thanks so much. But it wasn't really a bold decision as much as an inevitable reaction: I've been lawyering for long enough to know that there are jobs where you don't feel like a meaningless and replacable cog in the billable hour machine.

And btw, your blog is great! I'm adding a link to you in my sidebar.

Ryane said...

I think that is the BEST and only way to spend your last day at work...waiting for happy hour. Happy Weekend, Dara!

e.b. said...

Aww shucks, well thanks.

Seriously though. That is huge - the coruage to leave in general is amazing. I sit here thinking how wonderful that must feel and how I am a tad bit jealous of a total stranger and then I kick myself because I missed out on a .3 of billable hours.

Evil Spock said...

Congrats dara!

Oh, not a big fan of Henry Miller. Got tired of reading about sleeping with syphilitic, lice-ridden prostitutes.