Thursday, January 25, 2007

M&M me

Forget about South Park -- make yourself into an M&M instead:

M&M Dara


Ryane said...

haha. These are so funny. Have you seen the hilaroius Burt Reynolds's an M&M dressed up like The Bandit. HAHAHA.

Dara said...

Ryane: I haven't seen that one, but as an alum of Florida State, I've seen plenty of other cringe-worthy Burt Reynolds things. Including several of his movies.

e.b. said...

Is it a little strange that as I read this, I am eating peanut M&M's? Would that be considered cannibalism?

Dara said...

e.b.: Not for you, but maybe for me?
Still, I've been craving them all day. So chocolatey, so peanut-y. Mmmmmmm.

Needtsza said...

What a little cutie

Can't face what mine would look like