Saturday, January 06, 2007

New TV obsession

Thanks to the lack of new episodes of TV shows around the holidays, this time of year is when I finally get to catch up on the things I didn't get to see in the theater or when they were first on TV.* Today, I just finished a marathon of season 2 of Entourage -- and I can't believe that it took me so long to finally get around to seeing it. It is really really good!

I am sad that the seasons are so short,** and that the third season hasn't finished airing yet -- so it won't be available on DVD for a while.

I haven't had HBO for 6 years, but maybe I should look into getting it again.

Oh, and while I think that Ari is a funny, funny character -- and Jeremy Piven does a fine job acting -- I don't understand why Kevin Connolly isn't getting any critical acclaim. I, for one, am totally in love with Eric.***

* For example, last weekend, I finally got to see Talladega Nights (not that good).

** The first season was only 8 half-hour long episodes, and the second season was a marginally-better 14.

*** Don't worry, kids. I am fully aware that the character is not real. And the fact that the actor dated (dates?) one of the Hilton sisters makes him incurably icky in real life.


Bo W. said...

Two thoughts

1) maybe that is why British TV shows are so good the whole year - limited episodes. In a 22 - 26 episode year, it is virtually impossible to not have a couple stinkers thrown in

2) glad you agree with my earlier comment re: talladega nights. though you watch a heck of lot more stuff than me these days, our movie/tv tastes are similar I am sure

Dara said...

For some shows, I like the idea of shorter TV seasons -- but only if there were two a year -- like 8 new episodes in the fall and then 8 new episodes in the spring. Although, Lost tried to do that this year, and it didn't go over that well.

Yeah, I loved Anchorman and Old School, but didn't really like Talladega Nights that much. (But the kids were very funny -- best part of the movie.)

mad said...

Maybe I should get my TV fixed. I feel like I'm missing out something.

Evil Spock said...

I get HBO for the Sopranos, then I cancel it.

Other than Anchorman, I hate Will Ferrell

Justin S. said...

Funny. I really, really liked Talladega Nights, but I thought Stranger Than Fiction, was a fairly boring, predictible throwaway movie. We are apparently in alternate Will Ferrell universes. Although I guess we agree on Anchorman and Old School (although Vince Vaughan was really the star of Old School for me).

Dara said...

See? I thought all the jokes in Talladega Nights had been made before, and that they were a little heavyhanded in making fun of Southerners and NASCAR. (And I don't even like NASCAR!)

And yeah, Vince Vaughn was the star of Old School. Swingers too. But after having recently seen The Break Up, the schtick is starting to get old.

Peter said...

There was something about season 2 of Entourage that made me enjoy it much more than season 1 or the first part of season 3. Its always a good show, but I think season 2 was much better than the others.

Dara said...

Mad: Maybe you should just rent the DVDs like me, and watch them on your computer.

Evil Spock: I never really got in to the Sopranos -- it's too much like watching where I grew up.

Peter: Was it the U2 concert? Because that made me love them more.

And how do you have time to watch TV with 2 small kids?

Peter said...

I don't remember the details anymore, but I think what I liked about season 2 had something to do with where Vince was in his career at that point. Or maybe it was the U2 concert.

I'm sure that I watch more tv than I should, especially considering the kids, but I've always tended to split my attention between tv and real life. Also, my bedtime is later than the kids', so anything that requires my full attention is usually watched after they go to sleep. And occasionally we'll watch something that the kids and I both enjoy, like Peewee's Playhouse.