Saturday, January 27, 2007

Synchronized coughing

Despite the fact that I'm a thousand miles away from my mom, we managed to have the exact same cold at the exact same time.* So, for the last week, our telephone conversations have been something like:

"{Cough}. Hold on, don't say anything important, I'm going to cough again."
"Okay. {Cough}."
"My neck hurts."
"I was just going to say that! And my knees, too."
"Your knees always hurt when you're sick. You should take some Tylenol."
"I have to go to the grocery store to buy more Tylenol Cold. But it's cold outside. And my nose won't stop running."
"You should try the NyQuil, it's much better."
"Yeah, but then I'll sleep for thirteen hours."
"When did that suddenly become a problem?"

Yesterday, though, the conversation took a comic turn:

"What does it mean when your temperature is only 95.1?"
"It means that you're dead. Either that, or your thermometer is broken."

*And, stranger still, as of this morning, my Nana is reporting a similar set of symptoms.


Evil Spock said...

A variation of the Couvade Syndrome?

Dara said...

Evil Spock: Neither of us is pregnant, so that's not it.

Then again, I don't think it's entirely a coincidence -- I think it has to do with atmospheric conditions. It is, after all, cold and flu season.

mad said...

Um maybe it's string theory in action. But don't ask me what that means. There is definitely some virus invading the country. I just got over a wicked cold myself.Fuckoff