Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Today in College Football

I have tried to be good. I have refrained from blogging about the Gators' win all day -- even though the most recent comments have definitely taken a turn in that direction.

So, my response:

At approximately 12:30 yesterday, on the way to lunch, my boss asked me what I thought about my alma mater's chances of winning. I said that I thought that Ohio State was a more talented, deeper team -- and would win -- but that Florida would somehow manage to keep it a close game.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

Of course, I've learned several important lessons from this. First and foremost is that you should never count the Gators out in a year ending in 6. But second is that that Chris Leak gets no respect.

Oh, and I still think the Boise State-Oklahoma game was WAY more exciting.

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e.b. said...

As my boyfriend, a UF alum as well, says, "don't ever bet against the gators."

Here that is grounds for an ass kicking.