Monday, June 18, 2007

Skewed priorities

Divorce disputes used to be about custody and alimony. But nowadays, it's the fight over the season tickets that causes the most controversy:

A psychologist -- H. Elizabeth King -- accuses her ex-husband, lawyer Charles Center, of breaking their 2002 divorce agreement to divide the four tickets they had shared behind home plate.


The couple hardly looked at each other during a court hearing yesterday. King testified that Center had gone out of his way this year to give her tickets to games that conflicted with her schedule. And she claimed 80% of the tickets he gave her were for day games -- implying he'd done it because he knows she has skin cancer.

I'm convinced that these people are either batshit crazy or complete idiots.

First of all, they should remember that they're fighting over tickets to the Braves. They don't sell out. And their stadium isn't all that special. So, while these tickets are costly -- after all, they're behind home plate -- it's not like they're all that.

More significantly, these bozos have spent more on attorneys' fees than the value of the tickets. That's never a smart idea. All that accomplishes is taking money out of their bank accounts and putting it in the pockets of their lawyers. And thus, stupid people continue to take unreasonable litigating positions. (Not all that different than the case of the $57 million pants, but then again, that's an idiot judge representing himself.)

Still, here's my solution: The judge should order them to have a ticket draft, like reasonable adults.


mad said...

It's never really about the things but who wins.

Ryane said...

People are soo f-ed up. HAHA. what a pair of morons. It's like a modern-day War of the Roses...

DSL said...

I was just going to suggest that it's not really about the tickets.

dara said...

I think that's one of the reasons that I find the practice of divorce law icky. It's so much more than a business arrangement gone awry.