Friday, June 01, 2007

Stories of Summer Associate hijinks, volume 1

Memorial Day marks the start of summer -- and the start of the summer associate stories. This year, I won't have scotch tastings or sailing trips to amuse myself with, so I'll have to live vicariously through others. Like this guy:

Last week a certain New York Office summer associate decided it was appropriate to expense his bar tab from a post-welcome party night out with a few fellow soon-to-be-3Ls. We're sure the boys had a blast, given that the bar bill included several bottles of Cristal. The fearless leader of the group -- you know, the one who actually had the balls to submit the multi-hundred dollar bill for reimbursement -- got a bit of a lecture about judgment and appropriate expenses.

The biggest mistake the boys made, we hear, is that they failed to bring any lawyers with them. Dumb. Always insulate yourselves with an associate or two (or if the bar bill is $900, 20 lawyers) and never, never, never put your credit card down.

(Thanks to Above The Law.)

And to the summer interns: Be forewarned. This is how they reel you in.


b said...

lol. I love that it's volume 1, as we know there will be more nonsense to come.

Happy Friday to ya

Evil Spock said...

Can I intern for you on a weekend? I'm a cheap date.

dara said...

b: I was surprised I didn't post anything last year.

evil spock: Since I no longer work for a big law firm, I can't afford to take summer interns out. They drink expensive booze.

Tivey said...

I've heard tell of a local law firm that pores through its SAs' emails, sent on work accounts set up for them, at the end of every summer and reveals the most entertaining ones at its annual fall retreat.