Sunday, June 24, 2007

Things I learned this weekend

  1. It is possible to get sunburned just by walking from the stadium to the parking lot.

  2. Even if you're not drunk, it is impossible to dance normally on a dance floor where stupid people spill their drinks.

  3. They purportedly have several different types of cologne available in the men's room at Clarendon Ballroom, and none of these made the random drunk guy who grabbed me to dance any more attractive.

  4. Bon Jovi does a surprisingly good cover of Hallelujah.

  5. There is really no reason for me to drive out to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods when Harris Teeter is right here.

  6. It is possible for people to find me from my blog.


Justin S. said...

I could have told you how easy it is to get burned walking to or from the stadium. In fact, I'm sure you've seen the evidence. And also, you didn't learn that it's possible for people to find you by searching for your name, you've blogged about that possibility before.

As for Bon Jovi's Hallelujah, where is it? I figured it must be on their new album, but I just checked the track list and it's not there.

dara said...

1. In the past, the baseball sunburn has only happened when I've walked leisurely to Metro. This was a shorter distance, just to the parking lot. Very surprising.

2. This was the opposite of someone finding me by name. This was someone finding my blog, and then realizing that he knew me, which seems more random. Imagine that you google some random term and pull up a blog, and it happened to be someone you knew from high school. Weird.

3. TV special, and perhaps on the MTV, VH1 or CMT websites. Maybe even on YouTube by now. Not on the album.

Greg said...

Actually it went like this, I got a mail from and was kind of bored so I started playing around. I saw your name and said "oh yeah, Dara..I haven't though about her in ages!" Then I saw you were in law and I said, "Me too!, I wonder what kind of law she practices" and here I am.

I promise I'm not some creepy wierdo (anymore...) I just thought I'd say "Hi". But I understand it may be a bit odd, me jumping out after 16 some-odd years. If ya want me to leave you alone, just say so...otherwise: drop me a line, dammit!!!!



dara said...

Greg: Still weird, but now it's less random. Although I still think it's weird that people can google my name and wind up here. I'd rather them find random case law.

In my defense, I e-mailed you back last night. (At least I think I did.) Although, admittedly, due to sunburn and sleep deprivation, it was not very clever -- just asked "how the heck are you?" Which is still on the table.

greg said...

Ach! I just found your email in my Bulk folder (which I never look at before emptying)so I guess I deleted the first one. Can I have some peppercorn sauce with my crow, please?

Gotta get ready for work, I'll send ya a email later. Thanks for writing back.