Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Why can't more spam be like this?

Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2007 00:36:42 +0000
From: Anonymous Lawyer
Subject: Anonymous Lawyer now in paperback

Shortest spam ever.

My novel, Anonymous Lawyer, is now out in paperback, and available for just $10.40 from Amazon.

Just in time for law school graduation, father's day, and [fill in someone's name]'s birthday. Don't you think [fill in someone's name] would love a copy? I think he would. Not that he didn't love [that thing you got him last year]. But now he already has one of those, and so you may as well get him a book.

Some reviews:

Stocked with up-to-the-minute references, and exposing, as it does, our culture's mania to win at all costs, Anonymous Lawyer has pierced the heart of a moment in our social history."
-- New York Post (four stars)

Jeremy Blachman is a very funny writer."
-- The Wall Street Journal

Blachman skewers his profession with slash-and-burn ferocity. . . . Laugh 'til it hurts."
-- Rocky Mountain News

Lots more reviews: /book.php?text_id=Reviews

NEW! Paperback readers guide with discussion questions: /news.php?id=25

(Want to buy a bunch of copies? Interview me for your website/publication? Host an event and have me sign some? Get some advice about law school? Reply to this e-mail and we'll talk.)

[Fill in someone's name] is so excited you're going to buy him a copy. He thinks you're an awesome [friend/coworker/spouse]. I think you're a pretty awesome [friend/acquaintance/stranger] too.

Okay, the first sentence of this e-mail was a lie. Sorry.

All the best,


Evil Spock said...

Thank you for reminding of what Spam is. Gmail filters it out so well for me, I never get to see it anymore.

You're a hero to Nigerian bankers and chainletters everywhere.

dara said...

Gmail didn't filter this. And I almost don't consider this spam. I mean, this is a book I've considered buying, mostly because the anonymous lawyer website is so funny.

tingb said...

Don't buy it! You can have my copy -- it's okay but not as funny as the website. It also only took about three hours to read, which makes the purchase hard to justify (I got mine as a gift).

dara said...

Thanks for the warning. I have a ton of other stuff to read, so hopefully, by the time I really get around to this, I'll be able to buy it used for a couple of dollars.