Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The diet starts again, tomorrow

I was so good at dieting for so long, but I've been cheating on my diet nonstop since Friday night. Here, in chronological order, are the bad things that I have eaten.

1. Cornbread;
2. Chili;
3. Breadsticks;
4. Mrs. Fields oatmeal raisin cookie;
5. Half of my mom's brownie;
6. Pizza;
7. Mini quiche;
8. Penne in vodka sauce;
9. Wedding cake;
10. Colored rock sugar;
11. Mints;
12. Rye toast;
13. Plain M&Ms;
14. Pizza and cheesesticks;
15. Special K bar;
16. Brown rice;
17. Milk chocolate Hershey bar with almonds;
18. Leftover pizza and cheesesticks;
19. Special K bar;
20. Wild rice;
21. Peanut M&Ms;
22. Linguine with mushrooms;
23. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup; and
24. Kit Kat.

(Amongst these unhealthy things I have had a total of three salads, a few bites of steak, and a crabcake.)

It should surprise no one when I admit that I feel like total crap. I'm sure it's because I've gotten so used to not eating junk food that my body can't handle it anymore -- at least not all at once or in these kind of quantities.

So, I am done with the junk food, as of right now. I will not be buying candy tomorrow, even if it is on clearance. I will not be eating any candy that anyone brings into the office or even into my apartment. And I am totally over pizza and pasta.

White flour and sugar are, once again, the enemy.


Paige Jennifer said...

Wait, that menu sounded AWESOME (she says while shoving for mini Milky Ways into her mouth)!

dara said...

I know, right?

Seriously, I am not opposed to a little bit of junk food every once in a while. I mean, this world would be a pretty crappy place to live in if there were no chocolate or cookies or pizza ever.

I just can't stay on this version of the all-carbs-all-the-time diet. So I'm going to go cold turkey for a couple of days, figuratively and literally (guess what I had for lunch?).

cube said...

I can relate, especially around the holidays. Hang in there and fight the urge to eat the junk.

BTW the penne in vodka sounds delish. I must try that.

dara said...

Vodka sauce is amazing. It's the only pasta sauce that I absolutely love.

tingb said...


That list is just like what I ate yesterday, except substitute "mini-Reese's Nutrageous bars" for items 1-23.

dara said...

TINGB: Nutrageous is yummy, but the name is just silly. The Hershey Co. could do so much better.

And I miss your blog!

tingb said...

I thought the ridiculous name would be an external limitation on my consumption. I was wrong.

I had to take the blog underground, and I wanted to invite you but couldn't find a direct e-mail on your blog. I'll send you an invitation, though -- e-mail me at and I can let you in!