Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Food for thought

When I travel, I have food issues.

It's a multiple-part dilemma. First of all, I'm somewhat of a food snob. I like nice places, not dives. And most of the time, I like "safe" places and somewhat "safe" dishes -- food and places that I know are not going to make me sick. As a result, I like names that I know -- but at the same time, I hate chain restaurants. I know, that's somewhat of an oxymoron, but it's the truth.

The other problem is that I try to eat healthy. I don't always succeed, but I try.

What this means is that I take the recommendations of the hotel, and then usually wind up somewhere having the exact same thing -- a grilled chicken salad. Every once in a while, I'll get a steak or salmon, and before I was reducing my carb intake, I would go for Italian food -- but I've come to find that it's hard for a place to get a plain ol' grilled chicken salad wrong.

So now I'm stuck in a town that I dislike, having just eaten a boring grilled chicken salad. I'm hoping to find something more appealing tomorrow night. Any suggestions?


Ryane said...

What about shrimp? Grilled shrimp is delish. Or a different type of fish? And you could nixay the salad in favor of other veg..? maybe that would make it seem less monotonous. Also...where are you? What are the food prospects in this town? I hate to say this but (esp since you just stated that you prefer to stick to known food establishments)..but, really--you should try a hole-in-the-wall local place b/c that is where to find really good food...=-}

Paige Jennifer said...

Um, I totally have no idea where you are even after rereading your previous post twice. So where are you? You know, for a personalized suggestion.

In the meantime, I lean on Zagat.com for suggestions. It isn't always 100% accurate but it has served me quite well as I've hopped around this country with a hungry belly and curious mind.

mad said...

The only guide I ever use in picking a restaurant is that people are actually in there, eating. And I prefer dives and greasy spoons over chains.

dara said...

Ryane: I worry about seafood in certain parts of the country. But last night, when my modem was out, I tried the salmon (with grilled zucchini) from a local place, and it was okay.

I was in Houston. Which generally has crappy smoggy weather, is inconvenient to get to because it's monopolized by one airline, and has a downtown that seems to close down at 7 pm. And the local cuisine is dominated by steak (good but expensive) and Tex-Mex (I'm sure it's yummy, but not great while traveling).

But my point probably bears clarification: it's not really that I prefer known establishments -- it's that, at least when I'm on work travel, I prefer to eat something that I know, with certaintly, is not going to make me sick. So it's known places or known food. When I'm traveling for pleasure, I'm more likely to try the local holes-in-the-wall.

Paige Jennifer: See above. Zagat.com would have been great, had my wireless modem not quit on me mid-trip. And stupid me, forgetting to bring an ethernet cable.

Mad: See above, again.