Monday, October 15, 2007

Jumping on the "Rocktober" bandwagon

I was going to write something all serious about today being Blog Action Day, and how this year, it's supposed to focus on the environment -- but I just got distracted by the Colorado Rockies' 4th inning 6-run offensive barrage.

Damn, this team is good! They were in fourth place in mid-September, and now they're in the process of winning their 21st of 22 games. Consider me officially on the bandwagon.

I will go so far as to say that, absent a good reason (i.e. you grew up rooting for the Diamondbacks or you are allergic to purple and black), it is unAmerican to be rooting for anyone else right now.

I want a t-shirt.

Too bad it's so late here, because I don't want to turn off the tv.


Justin S. said...

Now lets go Indians! I'm sure Fox will love a Rockies-Indians World Series when they could have had Cubs-Red Sox.

dara said...

I know, right? But at least the Rockies make a good story in and of themselves -- as compared with Diamondbacks-Indians, which would have been an absolute yawnfest.

Still, it serves MLB and the television stations right. My only complaints about the whole postseason thus far are television-related: that (1) both Fox's and TBS's coverage stink; (2) Frank TV promos stink worse; (3) late night west coast games are not good for east coast tv viewers or newspaper coverage; and (4) the nine days off between games -- because November 1 in Cleveland or Boston will be totally freezing and "Rocktober" works while "Rockvember" does not.

Jeff said...

I really hate the TBS promos for October where the guy starts screaming "This is October". At least Cal Ripken has done a good job in the booth... can't say the same for Frank Thomas or Tony Gwynn though.

dara said...

It's Dane Cook. The guy you hate is Dane Cook.

Tony Gwynn's voice doesn't match his body. And I feel really really bad when they show his body; he is so far from his playing shape (such as it was) that it's embarrassing.

Thomas just is't personable. Period.

Ripken's okay -- but broadcasting is clearly not his forte. He says "um" and "uh" a lot, and he mumbles. But he's likeable enough.

Jeff said...

Thanks, Dara. I knew I recognized the guy but couldn't place his face. At least Ripken knows what he's talking about. Some of the stuff Gwynn and especially Thomas have said is just garbage.

On a side note, I've been pulling for the Indians since the beginning of the playoffs and the Rockies since the Cubs got knocked out. So I'm pretty pleased right now. I like rooting for teams that haven't won the World Series in a long time.

dara said...

Didn't the Indians lose the World Series to the Marlins a decade ago?

I remember watching the Orioles lose the AL to the Indians that year, which was back in the heyday of my adoration of Brady Anderson.

Jeff said...

The Indians lost to the Marlins in 1997 and to the Boston Braves in 1954, but they haven't won it all since 1948.

dara said...

My point was less about that and more about how I would find it difficult to root for a team that spoiled my team's last postseason opportunity.

Justin S. said...

Dane Cook makes me want to vomit. Actually he makes me vomit. I just vomitted all over my computer screen. Seriously.