Friday, October 19, 2007

Rain, rain go away. Seriously. I want to go home.

It is pouring outside and, as a consequence, I am stuck at my office at almost 10:00 on a Friday night.

The sad thing is that I'm stuck at the office because of my own stupidity. Not because I did anything wrong, mind you -- but because, after my evening plans were canceled, I decided to stay a little late to finish up some things -- and then one thing led to another, and all of a sudden, it was 8:00. Then I looked outside, and it was pouring. So I decided to wait until the rain let up.

Big mistake. It's only gotten worse. And according to the weather report, the big dark yellow heavy downpour area is going to be over here for a while.

So, now I'm going to run outside and hope to not get too soaked, right? It's not like I have any other choice in the matter, at least if I don't want to stay here all night.

I know we're all praying for rain, but this stinks.

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Beakerz said...

Totally missed a hot air balloon 'night glow' and didn't get to bike today due to the stupid weather.


as long as i get to run my 5k tomorrow =)

and i'm not totally leaving. just taking a break. i'll let you know where i go