Monday, October 01, 2007

More new fall tv

I just finished watching Moonlight on the DVR.

Similarities to Veronica Mars:
  • Nouveau noir style with over-the-top narration
  • Private investigators
  • Jason Dohring
  • Hearst College
  • Flashbacks as storytelling device

Similarities to Angel:

Similarities to Alias:

By all rights, I should love this show -- but I'm not sure if I do. The pacing's a little too slow. And it takes itself a little too seriously -- almost like a routine police procedural show, just with vampires. Oh, plus the background music is horrible (it featured a Celine Dion song) and it airs on -- gulp! -- CBS -- the network for old people -- which co-owns the CW, which I am still boycotting. Still, it's got so much going for it (see above).

I'll give it another shot, I guess.


mad said...

Music featuring Celine has to be the kiss of death for any TV drama.

dara said...

It was in the previews, so I'm willing to let it slide -- this time.

Evil Spock said...

At first, I was like, "how is Moonlighting any where close to Angel or Veronica Mars? I didn't remember any of the similarities you mentioned, unless Booger was a vampire. . ."

Why did they make this show, when they could've just brought Angel back?!?

dara said...

Apparently this show is different from Angel in that he is not investigating/killing other demons -- he's just a p.i. who happens to be a vampire. And there is no Slayer involved. Or Joss Whedon and David Boreanaz, for that matter.

CBK said...

I just watched it last night, and wasn't very impressed. I like the lead actor, and it's fun to watch Logan as a fast-talking, no-nonsense alpha male. It's also terribly cliched, though, and I agree with your "slow" and "procedural" comments.

Another problem: why, if he's on the case to preserve the vampires' secrecy, did he reveal himself to the vampire cultists, thus insuring more publicity from them? I guess because it got personal, but unless there are consequences for it, it's inconsistent. They also didn't really solve the crime. Who was the killer? The professor? The TA? Someone else?

I haven't decided if I'll watch again. Maybe with the reporter girl as his sidekick (and blood-provider, according to the preview at the end) things will pick up and not be so clumsy.

dara said...

It's like baseball, or my date rule: If I'm on the fence, a new fall tv show will get three chances to impress me, and if it fails, it's off the DVR. (Lucky for Heroes, it redeemed itself by the third episode last year.) So I'll watch the next episode of Moonlight.

I don't really buy Jason Dohring as anyone other than Logan, but maybe he'll grow on me a businessman. to me, he'll always be a snarky overprivileged sad little rich boy.