Sunday, November 04, 2007

Headline of the weekend


e.b. said...

i've never rooted so hard for the seminoles, well maybe i have never rotted for the seminoles period. but awesome nonetheless.

dara said...

I was really excited. I mean, the team has been pretty awful this year, so the best I can hope for is that they play spoiler. And make it to a bowl game.

Plus, if they finish higher in the BCS standings than Illinois, I get a pie.

e.b. said...

oh well pie is worth it.

but really over here all we can hope for is to be spoilers and begin to look forward to next year

Justin S. said...

At least ONE undefeated team from Boston lost this weekend.

Right now Florida State is 26 in the BCS and Illinois is 31. This weekend's Illinois-Ohio State game is obviously crucial.

dara said...

e.b.: Too bad I'm not eating carbs. But I'll make an exception for pie.

Justin: This might be the only time I'm ever going to root for Ohio State. You know, for the pie.

And the Florida-Florida State game at the end of the month will likely have consequences too.