Tuesday, November 06, 2007

When dealing with Metro, it's best to have a backup plan (or four)

I had a long day of depositions today, and when I finally got back to the office about half an hour before our official "quitting time" (not like I ever really leave that early), one of my coworkers was kind enough to let me know that Metro was closed at Pentagon City. (Turns out he meant the Pentagon, but whatever. It's the thought that counts.)

Being exhausted from two long days of work with a concert in between, I wanted to leave at a reasonable hour tonight. But not wanting to have another episode where I wind up having to take a shuttle bus from Arlington Cemetery, I decided to implement "Plan B." Which is to say, I tried to find my coworker who lives down the street from me in order to convince him to drive me home.

Of course, he was out of the office today.

So then there's "Plan C," which is to keep checking Metro's website obsessively until it no longer reports a problem at the Pentagon or any residual delays on Blue or Yellow lines.

Riiiiight. But then, when I walk over to the Gallery Place station, the sign indicates that there's a delay on the Green Line -- meaning that it would be standing room only on the platform.

So, I move on to "Plan D." And that plan involved going to the Ann Taylor Loft and trying on suits, ultimately hoping that when I was finished, my credit card balance would not be nearly as nauseating as a rush hour crowd dealing with train delays.

So what's worse? Getting home at five 'til eight with a new suit or getting home ninety minutes earlier all stressed out from a horrible day in the Metro? All things being equal, I think I'll take the suit and the reduced stress.


Miss Scarlet said...

Oh girl, you made the correct choice! Always choose shopping over metroing.

dara said...

I don't know about "always." I mean, there are plenty of days I'd put up with the delays and the restless crowds in order to get home earlier, change into sweatpants, and eat something.

Yesterday worked out well, though. Especially since I got the new suit on sale.

Paige Jennifer said...

Shopping trumps stress no matter what is inducing said stress. Just think how sassy you'll look the next time you have to stand around for hours waiting for a train!

dara said...

While I may, on occasion, be sassy, I never actually look sassy. I think it's genetic.

And I'd agree about shopping trumping stress, except when the stress is caused by the shopping, i.e. fear of crowds at Christmas, credit card bills, etc. Luckily, my biggest fear is how to fit the new suit in my very jam packed closet.