Sunday, November 18, 2007

Three phone calls to mom

Last night, I had two birthday parties -- one dinner, one at a bar. And I was tired before I even left the house. So, at the bar, at about 11:30, I hit a wall of sorts. All of a sudden, just I felt so tired. I guess all the work, all the traveling is really getting to me. And it's not getting better any time soon -- I leave for yet another trip in the morning.

So, after the night of parties, this morning I woke up with a stuffy nose and a scratchy throat -- and a cold sore on my bottom lip. I haven't had one of those things in years. A doctor once told me that I got them from stress. Go figure.

Later today, I found out my Thanksgiving flights had been changed, again. I called my mom to tell her the new times -- just in case I actually manage to make my flight back from Houston in time. I wound up in tears -- and I'm not usually someone who cries.

After bawling on the phone to my mother, I left to run some errands and pick up dinner. While I was getting dinner, my phone rang, and I didn't recognize the ring tone at first -- well, I knew the song, but I didn't remember assigning it to anyone. Then I saw the caller ID. It was someone that I haven't spoken with in months, and honestly, wasn't sure if I wanted to talk to anymore.

So, I grabbed my dinner and ran home, where I promptly called my mom again to tell her about the phone call. She said that it would be rude of me to not call back. I told her I wasn't in the mood. She wasn't having any of it.

Once I decided to follow my mother's advice and be an adult about it, I called him back. It was a surprisingly good conversation. Actually -- it's more correct to describe it as a surprising conversation, but pleasant. And it left off in a good way, even if I did wind up having to apologize for not calling him when I was in Chicago last week. Things being what they are, I guess I got off pretty easy.

Then I called my mom again to tell her about the conversation. It's a good thing my mom loves me, because some days, I'm a total pain in the ass.


mad said...

Wait, you can't actually outgrow bars, can you? Where will I go in my old age? I ain't doing no senior center either. Or bingo parlor.

Happy belated birthday, btw.

dara said...

I dunno. My mom used to go to bars when she was younger and now she goes to the bingo parlor a lot.

It's not belated quite yet. Still got a week to go.

tingb said...

For some reason, I can't vote in the poll, so here's my $0.02. I have always, ALWAYS loved my birthday, but this year I'm having trouble getting revved up for it. Maybe because it's a Monday, maybe because I have too much else going on, maybe because I'm turning 32 and it's time.

I probably would have voted for "Only if someone else plans" because my friends are threatening to throw me a birthday party, though I suspect that they're just looking for an excuse to have a quasi-holiday soiree.

dara said...

The polling software is being weird with certain browsers. Thus, the poll feature might be retired shortly.

I have always loved my birthday too, but just don't have the wherewithal this year. This turning 32 thing sucks. I'm pretty sure I'm going to move on to Chrismanukah soirées and forget about the rest.

And, for the record, I find it particularly interesting that, although I don't know you in real life, we have two more things in common. Although my birthday's on a Tuesday this year.

tingb said...

That *is* interesting. When do we cross the line from interesting to eerie?

Happy Thanksgiving!