Thursday, November 15, 2007

Politics and Computer Quizzes

I found this nifty little political quiz, courtesy of Arjewtino.

The test results indicate that I should vote for this guy:

It also told me that this is how I feel about everyone else:

Which leaves me with one question: How did people know who to vote for before computers told them who their ideology best aligned with?


mad said...

Could explain how the two George Bushes snuck in there.

Justin S. said...

Mike Gravel was so close....

CBK said...

That is a useful tool, but can give results that surprise you. Mike Gravel was my top candidate. The next top 3 weren't that close. The one I have been supporting is significantly below Gravel. Oops.

dara said...

Mad: I doubt any computer in the world would have been able to make me vote for either of them

Justin: Who is that guy?

CBK: The big question, then, is whether the results are going to make you change your mind and throw your support to Gravel?

Cromely said...

Thanks for the quiz. Were you planning to support Obama to begin with?

The quiz said I should be a Mike Gravel supporter. I hadn't considered supporting him before but I'll take a look now.

I did find it interesting that Gravel is also the number 1 recommended candidate on that site. Either Gravel is touching on something a lot of candidates are missing -- and not getting the publicity for it that he should -- or the quiz makes are biasing it in favor of Gravel.