Saturday, February 23, 2008


Today was the first day I spent entirely by myself since my mom died. And I spent it in a hotel in Newark.

I could have gone back to my apartment for the weekend and relied on my friends to distract me. I could have gone down to my Uncle's house. I could have gone into Manhattan and been distracted there, either by shopping or by seeing friends or family. Heck, I could have gone to a hockey game here in Newark. But instead, I chose to have a quiet day of sleep, work, and tv here in the hotel.

I think the solace is good for me. Maybe I'm wrong, though.


tingb said...

I think it's good that you *can* be alone; that, in my opinion is one of the hardest times you can face.

Paige Jennifer said...

It's nice to be surrounded by people but sometimes being alone gives my head and heart the space to do what it needs to do.