Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day!

I grew up not too far from the hotel in which I am currently staying. During the winter, almost every night I would go to sleep hoping and praying for a snow storm big enough to cancel -- or at least delay -- school.

Last night, I was hoping against hope that the predicted storm would be small enough that court wouldn't be cancelled. I just want the case to get over with already.

But that was not to be. It's snowing pretty hard here:


tingb said...

Re: Lost -- I also called the Aaron thing, as did another friend...I thought this might mean the answers were becoming more obvious, but maybe you disagree?

Re: snow -- here's what you missed in DC -- it was supposed to snow; it sort of did, but then it mostly rained; preschools in Frederick were closed anyway; 50% of businesses and residences failed to ice their sidewalks in the District; there is an 88% chance I wipe out on my way home tonight. No shockers there.

dara said...

I thought they telegraphed the Aaron thing with the whole "I'm not good with babies" scene.

The snow here was pretty bad in the morning -- I think we got 5 inches. But in the afternoon, it was like nothing. I'd have rather been getting work over with instead of sitting in the hotel drinking cocoa.

tingb said...

You're right about the telegraphing; upon reflection, they weren't hiding much. But, in the moment, because the show so rarely gives anything up like that, I felt like a Lost savant, for once.