Monday, February 04, 2008

Some things change, others not so much

With the exception of last weekend, I was away from home -- and my office -- for three weeks. All things considered, three weeks is not that long -- but it was enough time that things felt off. My commute felt different. Not wearing a suit felt weird. Sitting at my desk felt strange.

It must be the sleep deprivation.

But there were some actual changes. For example, on my walk to Metro this morning, I noticed that a bunch of stores in the mall had gotten facelifts, and that they're opening a new Harry's Tap Room to replace the icky Ruby Tuesday's. But then, on my walk back from Metro this evening, I realized that not even a Harry's Tap Room will make the mall patrons less annoying. You win some, you lose some, I guess.

So, now that I'm home for the time being, there's places to go, things to do. I'm pretty sure that a haircut is in order, since I'm pretty sure that, except for the drunken bang-cutting incident, my last haircut was sometime this summer.


Justin S. said...

That seems like a very odd spot for a Harry's Tap Room.

Paige Jennifer said...

(a) Welcome home

(b) Yes, let's NOT revisit the idea of cutting our own bangs while ingesting booze

(c) I love when you unexpectedly have a moment to see your typical world from a different slant - even sitting in the passenger seat instead of the driver's can do it for me (ooh, that's a pretty house)

dara said...

Justin: It will definitely improve the odds of me eating at the mall, though.

PJ: I just get to leave again in two weeks, for two weeks. I wonder what else will change before I get back.