Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trial, Day 17

We've had seventeen days of trial -- and it's not over yet! There are at least three more days of testimony -- more likely four -- and then a day for closing arguments.

More importantly, I've been away from my apartment -- and my life, such as it is -- for the better part of seven weeks.

I am sick of room service. I am sick of the three or four decent restaurants that we can walk to for dinner. I am sick of the three or four places that we get lunch from. I am sick of Newark.

Really, I am just going stir-crazy.

I want to go home.


matt said...

Congratulations! You have discovered everything there is to discover in Newark, as a reward, please feel free to never come back again after spending 4 more days there.

(I'm assuming the first part is actually how it is and the second part is how it will be.)

Jason said...

Ugh, and thanks to me, once you get home, you have to turn around again and go to one of your other favorite cities . . . my timing's not so good for you.

On the other hand, I'm sure this trial can't end soon enough. I hope you're doing ok up there other than your hatred of the city.

dara said...

Matt: I am sure there is more to discover about Newark; I'm just not willing to wander around outside late at night to find out.

And, in all honesty, my last three trials that took more than one day were in Camden NJ, Pittsburgh PA, and Charlotte NC. Newark's not even the worst place I've been -- thanks to Camden.

Jason: At least Houston will be warm, right? If not, I'm going to demand a refund.