Friday, May 30, 2008

Not beach weather

I spent roughly half of my life in Florida. In high school, if I wanted to, I could roll out of bed and, provided one of my parents would loan me a car, be at the beach in 25 minutes. And I'd know what the weather would be like: Sunny and warm in the winter, cloudy and hot in the summer, with an afternoon thunderstorm.

California's weird. I thought that at least the SoCal/beachy parts of this vacation would be sunny and warm. But it's been cold. Really cold. In fact, while walking down to the beach in Carmel today, I had to wear a sweatshirt AND a jacket.

Here's a video from the beach.


what liz said said...

That is weird. Another sign the world is ending I suppose, haha.

dara said...

Don't get me wrong: I expected San Francisco to be cool. I did not expect to have to buy a winter hat at the Giants game.