Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oxford Comma

Yesterday, Stuff White People Like noted that white people really like grammar.

Guess that makes me white, because I'm guilty as charged.

But you know what's better than grammar? Songs about punctuation. Specifically, the serial comma:


CBK said...

My 2 year old son loves that song, and asks for it in the car. Unfortunately, we can't play it for him anymore because he's of the age where he's likely to repeat the f-bomb in it.

dara said...

Oh, please. Nothing's funnier than a 2-year-old dropping the f-bomb. (Although the laughter might encourage him to continue that sort of behavior.)

CBK said...

I know it! Our 8 year old said it to my wife's face when he was a young three, and she could barely keep a straight face while explaining to him not to say it. I guess she doesn't want a repeat performance.