Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Baby, it's cold outside

This time of year, all I want to do is sleep and drink cocoa. It's cold, it's dark, and all of the fake-Christmas-y cheer annoys me. My office is so cold that people are wearing their winter coats all day.

This is just about the only time of year that I miss Florida. When I was down there two weeks ago, I could -- and did -- go outside without a jacket, scarf, and gloves. (I just had to wear a polartec fleece vest in the house because the air conditioning was on so high.)

We moved there from New Jersey during the summer when I was twelve. That winter, our first winter in the newly-constructed house, we actually had to turn the heat on for one night -- Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, so did everyone else, and the entire neighborhood suffered a brown-out.

So, the next morning, after opening up all of our presents in front of the T.V., the family packed itself into the station wagon and went out for breakfast at the Bagel Land in a nearby strip mall. (An aside: Unlike the house in New Jersey, the Florida house did not have a fireplace in the family room. So, in our family's homage to The Night Before Christmas, our stockings were always carefully placed in front of the T.V. in order of our ages -- which, coincidentally, is also alphabetical.)

The Bagel Land excursion became a sort-of tradition. You know, one of those things that happens more often than not, but on occasion, there are exceptions. Like the one year when I was in law school, and I somehow managed to catch (on video) my dad making pancakes and dancing around with the dog.

I miss the weather. I miss the bagels. And every so often, I even miss my family.


honeykbee said...

I am one of those people wearing a winter coat all day. Sipping a latte. I mean good god, it's FREEZING in here! All i want to do is go home and slide into bed...

This season sucks it.

[end rant]

Dara said...

I'm wearing a pashmina over a sweater over a shirt. If I didn't need to type, I'd be wearing gloves.

I need a fireplace in my office.

Ryane said...

I know what you mean about occasionally missing the Family...those are good moments.

As for the cold, yeah--that bites. My office faces the sun all day and so is almost ALWAYS sweltering. I would rather be a little chilly...

Kimberly said...

i used to wear mittens, scarf, a big sweater, and wrap up in a blanket at work. i felt it was a little unprofessional looking, but i can't work if i'm freezing my pinkies off. (not that they do much anyway, considering they're tiny) so one day one of our clients told me to smuggle in a small space heater. i found one for $10 at target (so if it got confiscated at security, it wouldn't really be too much of a loss), and i LOVE it.

i seriously don't know what i'd do without it. i'm freezing outside waiting for the train, on the train, and sometimes when i get home (because i am stubborn and don't want to waste electricity because our windows suck). to be cold all day as well would turn me into a popsicle. and yes, popsicle and not icicle because i'm that hip.

btw, i thought that was very nicely written. a wonderful homage to your family and traditions. :o)

DSL said...

We have space heaters around here. From time to time, we blow a fuse and computers, printers, and even the microwave can go off, but I think we've fixed that. Guess we'll find out this winter. I definitely want some little gloves (perhaps the bicycle kind). My hands freeze out on the keyboard and mouse.

Glamorous Redneck said...

I have two offices. One is on the north side of the building & has big huge windows. So when that Canadian North wind comes in, I'm a FROZEN Redneck! lol

But my other office is on the west side of the other building and has no windows. It's gloriously cozy to the point that no one else likes to stay for very long (because they get too hot! lol)

cube said...

I feel so lucky. It's 75 degrees here. Don't hate me because I live in Florida.

RJ said...

Our old building was notorious for being freezing in the summer and hot in the winter (yes, I typed that correctly). There were times they'd tell us, "It's going to be very hot in the office tomorrow. Dress appropriately." Several times, the temperature climbed above 90 degrees and they sent us home. The lows would occasionally reach down into the 50s.

Our new building seems to hold in the low 70s, but we've only been in it since August, so we'll see how it does over the winter. I hope it won't have issues: a new $300 million building shouldn't.

But, although it's good to have a building with comfortable temperatures, there was yet another shooting near here today. We wish building temperature was our primary concern.