Monday, February 26, 2007

Another reason I hate the snow

This is what it looks like when I'm trying to catch an earlier-than-necessary shuttle flight to New York City on a Sunday so that I can go to lunch with my 93-year-old grandmother before getting back to work prepping for a deposition -- and instead, wind up stuck on a plane in the snow for 5 hours before takeoff:

Of course, all that is irrelevant now that I'm back home and about to go to sleep in my own bed.



DSL said...

I'm sorry you missed seeing your grandmother, 31-year-old Dara. The snow was definitely a surprise. At least it didn't cause too much trouble for snow in this region.

Dara said...

I did get to see the grandmother, but instead of a leisurely lunch, it was a rushed dinner of rotisserie chicken on the Upper West Side -- right before the snow started to get really bad up there.

I wasn't surprised by the snow as much as by the timing. When I made my travel plans, the weather sources indicated that it would be clearing up around lunchtime.

And I was also surprised that it was still causing some travel problems up and down the east coast when I was trying to get home yesterday.

Ryane said...

dara--you are a trooper!

Dara said...

Ryane: It was comparatively easy for me -- I was sitting in First Class. I really felt bad for all of the people who had to sit in coach for all that time.

honeykbee said...

Whoa-- I just visited my 93 year old grandma, too. And posted about it!
How bizarre this world of blogging of ours.

You truly are a trouper. Hang in there!

Dara said...

I know, I just read that you were down in Florida visiting your 93 year old grandmother. I'm surprised by how many of them are out there.

My younger (81 and 82) grandparents live in Boca, near my parents, and I will probably go visit them soon.