Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sometimes, people can surprise you

I didn't think it was actually possible for me to have a favorite member of the Bush family. (Even Billy Bush gets on my nerves.)

I was wrong.

Lauren Bush is making organic handbags and donating the proceeds to charity.

I can support that, even if I can't stand the rest of her family.


Ryane said...

Wow. Who would've guessed?? Good for her.

Evil Spock said...

Color me impressed! Oh, and she's cute too!

Dara said...

Ryane: that was exactly what I said when I first read it.

Evil Spock: She may be cute, but she's still ONE OF THEM. Plus, her dad was one of the big bads in the big S&L scandal in the 80's (and consequently, the reason why my father will never ever vote for anyone who is related to the Bush family).

mad said...

It would be fantastic if she were making those organic handbags out of hemp!