Monday, April 02, 2007

At least there are 161 more games this season!

Introducing your 2007 Washington Nationals!

(Alas, after today's game, I longed for the good old days of 2005 -- or even 2006.)

Nevertheless, here's my report from the Nationals' opening day:

The good: Face it -- baseball is excellent on a beautiful spring day. Today's weather -- absolutely perfect.

Over 40,000 fans.

Zimmerman looked good, even when he fell on his butt. Dmitri Young looked good at the plate, and didn't drop the ball.

The best part was that I got to meet Dmitri Young, and shake his giant hand. He gave me my free "opening day" cap. Bo welcomed him to Washington. It was a lovely moment.

The bad: John Patterson's performance.

The lines for the food sucked. But then again, so did the food.

Even with over 40,000 fans, it wasn't quite a sell-out. Opening day should be sold out.

The booing of Cristian Guzman. Not cool people, not cool.

And the stupid cheer of "Let's go new guy!" Really, folks -- learn their names or s.t.f.u.!

The ugly: The score.

The injuries.

The scoreboard operators.


Needtsza said...

Sorry I couldn't be a help towards the sell-out. Sleeping til 2 will do that though ;)

Hope you had fun and as you said, at least there are 161 more games this season

Dara said...

Boo! Opening day -- and the last home opener ever at RFK -- is way more important than sleeping late!