Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunshine State Update

Florida is warm -- and humid. Surprisingly, there is very little sun. But none of this is newsworthy.

Actually, very little of my day was newsworthy. I spent some of the day fixing my parents' computers -- particularly the wireless internet connection -- and some of the day generally helping out around the house. When I was little, I was small and had freakishly skinny arms, so my dad always asked me to be the one to climb into small spaces and/or reach into the narrow area behind relatively immovable pieces of furniture. Today was no different. At one point, I thought I was going to get stuck under the headboard in the guest room, but I made it out okay.

After all the work was over, I hung out with my sister. Tonight we watched The Last King of Scotland on my parents' very large widescreen tv. It's so much better than my tv that I'm a little embarrassed, especially since they're usually about 20 years behind on technology. I mean, I'm sure if I look around hard enough I'll be able to find at least one Zach Morris phone and one of the original JVC VCRs. (I already know where my dad's army boots and his entire wardrobe from the 1970's are stashed.)

Somewhat more interestingly, my sister told a very funny story at dinner -- complete with character voices -- and I'm hoping to get her to post a guest blog, or to let me make an audio recording. If not, I might tell the story for her, which might totally ruin it. But we'll see tomorrow.


mad said...

Your dad made you reach down behind the head board? What the heck did you have to retrieve?

dara said...

My parents bought this gigantic new headbord/cabinet thingie for the guest bedroom. It's so big, it (a) takes up almost an entire wall and (b) has lights built into it.

The problem was that my dad forgot to plug in the lights. So someone -- me -- had to climb underneath, find the cord, and manage to fit her arm behind the cabinet part of it to plug it in.

Today, I had to somehow get behind a similarly large piece of family room furniture to retrieve a DVD case my mom accidentally dropped behind the tv. I'm beginning to think they do this for fun.