Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm back online! Yippee!

For the record, tech support sucked. She walked me through all the steps and they didn't work. She told me it was a hardware issue, and hung up. She did, however, thank me for being polite and knowledgeable.

Right before I gave up and called the computer manufacturer to demand a new ethernet adaptor, I decided to click on something else and -- wonder of wonders -- it worked! Now my internet works just fine -- even wireless.

I probably should have written down what I did. Oops.


mad said...

Yeah, they always say that -- it's a hardware problem. No, acutally it's a sucky internet provider problem. But if you fixed it yourself maybe you have a promising career in tech support. After all, you've already been declared polite and knowledgeable!

DSL said...

So how was the Beauty thing?

dara said...

Mad: I would be bad at tech support. It would be like when I try to get my mom or dad to do something to their computer over the phone. I have no patience for that.

DSL: I have mixed feelings about it. We got interesting things in the gift bag, there were some nice things for sale (cute lingerie!), and free mini-makeovers. But it was really crowded, the lines were really long, they ran out of food really really fast, and their (free) vodka was icky. Plus, they didn't have manicures this year -- only hand massages.

I don't know if I'd do it again.

DSL said...

hmmm...sounds like the first part was fun anyhow. Perhaps you should have given them your Jello shot recipe for the cheap vodka.

dara said...

That's the funny thing -- it wasn't cheap vodka. It was the new p.i.n.k. vodka, which claims to be infused with caffeine. It tasted as if it was infused with cough medicine. Inbal took one sip of her pinapple vokda drink and put it down, claiming that it was the grossest thing ever. I managed to make it about 1/3 of the way through a fruity blue vodka drink over an hour.

The only other choices were Budweiser Select and Fiji water. For the rest of the night, we drank the water.