Friday, April 20, 2007

I can't believe I waited to watch this!

I heard about this weeks ago, but I just sat down to watch it for the first time today:

It (a) made me laugh; (b) made me like Alanis Morissette again (for the first time since Dogma); (c) made me realize just how dumb Fergie's music is; and (d) made me lose even more respect for Josh Duhamel.

Update: This thing has gotten so huge that it's merited a critical analysis in the L.A. Times.


Lonnie said...

The Chinese seem fascinated by her...They play her videos constantly here!

I will stick to A.M. too....


Justin S. said...

It took this for you to realize how dumb Fergie's music is?

dara said...

Lonnie: That makes no sense to me. She is annoying and clearly, based on these lyrics, dumb as a box of rocks.

Justin: I never actually listened to the lyrics before. They were drowned out by stupid dance music. In this version, you can hear how idiotic they really are.