Monday, April 02, 2007

Beer spam

From: Ambers and Dark Company
Organization: Ambers and Dark Company
Subject: ***Ambers and Dark*** You have been Awarded
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 16:20:13 -0400


Dear Winner,

This is to inform you of the AMBER'S PRODUCTS AWARD of Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pounds (650,000.00 Pounds) from Amber's Products Company,makers of Amber's Beer Products, Amber Classic, Amber Mocny Red, Amber Mocny, Amber Gold, Amber Mocne, Amber Pils e.t.c. This promotional award is to raise the profile of Amber's beer Products consumer's males / females in rural and urban Areas all over the world.

The online promotions email lists were generated from the World Wide Web. This promotion takes place annually to challenge and to take the market share from the popular Dutch import beer. The tactics included live events, local campaigns and general buzz to establish the brand one neighborhood at a time in major urban / rural Areas.

Your Email Ref Number falls within our European booklet representative's office in United Kingdom. In view of this, your award of Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pound (650,000.00 Pounds) will be released to you by our payment office in United Kingdom, Our United Kingdom Project Manager will commence the process to facilitate the release of your funds as soon as you contact him.

Note that if you are the rightfull owner of the email address you are to contact Mr. Robinson Cole for confirmation/verification so as to start the processing of your winnings. Find below the contact details.


Mr. Robinson Cole
Promotional Officer.
Tel: +44 7045714804

Online co-ordinator
Smith Williams


DSL said...

The spammers are finally getting smart about the true weakness of the pathetic average American. :-p

mad said...

Hey I got the same e-mail spam, except I think it was for a different beer. How random can it be?

Dara said...

DSL: True. Forget promises of tons of money, promise them money AND beer.

Mad: Maybe all the brewers in the universe participate in this contest. Maybe that's what some of the e-mails I get that are written in Japanese or Chinese are all about.

rock_ninja said...

I was fine with the whole exploiting poor peoples and whatnot for spam purposes, but my God, have we no decency left?

Dara said...

It's pure evil.

If they ruin vodka for me, I don't know what I'll do.