Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Diet be damned!

Earlier today, on Twitter, I commented that I told my mother that Restaurant Week is my third favorite holiday of the year. It bears repeating. Tonight=Mahogany. Thursday=Willow. This weekend, perhaps Colvin Run Tavern or Indigo Landing.



recovering overachiever said...

How was Mahogany? My boyfriend and I are going there tonight and I can't wait!

dara said...

Mahogany was really really good. The entire menu is available for R.W. (with just a few items with a surcharge). I got the catfish tenders and the jambalaya, both of which were excellent. I tasted the bourbon wings, which were good but messy. And for dessert, we got the chefs mess (okay) and chocolate souffle, which I'm still dreaming about.

They also had a really good Malbec on the wine list for $7.95.

recovering overachiever said...

Thanks for the tip! I love chocolate, so I'll definitely try the souffle. Mmm, and jambalaya!