Thursday, August 09, 2007

Great Food + Good Wine = Happy Dara

I have food swings.* And I'm always grumpy when I'm caffeine deprived. But restaurant week helps, even with a sore throat. And you know what I learned today? Wine pairings with an excellent three-course dinner makes it even better.

*Thanks, Beakerz.


honeykbee said...

Yeah, he's pretty funny with the words isn't he? Just wait till he tells the FBI that you're "moody".

So, where'd you go for the wining and dining?

dara said...

Tonight was Willow, in Ballston. I had heirloom tomato salad, filet mignon, and toffee cake. It was excellent.

On Tuesday, I went to Mahogany on U Street. It was also divine. Especially the chocolate souffle.

Try2Tri said...

that was a difficult poll. I would have gone with Lost Boys, but I figured everyone would (and I figured right) so License to Drive got my voice.

Totally different movies. love that. he had 'range'.

Meanwhile, dream a little dream, had nothing to do with either of em. Jennifer Connelly was the show in that movie =)